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Sun 15th December 2013 - League
North Birmingham Celtic 2 V 1 Tigers
Pitch : The Pavillions, Moor Lane, Kingstanding, B6 7AA
Match Report

The game started well for Tigers with some great passing, however soon we were under pressure in our goal area.  Then within minutes Celtic had a free kick which was well struck over the heads of everyone – Ben G (our Captain for the game) tried but unfortunately there was nothing he could do to stop it going in the back of the net.


The defence of Ben C, JR and Sam played well.  With Sam being involved in lots of tackling ensuring the ball was cleared away as much as possible.  Even after a sliding tackle on him, he bravely got back up and carried on.  Ben C was called upon for his long, strong kicks throughout the game to try and ensure the ball stayed in sight of goal.  JR made some very fast sprints for the ball throughout the game and on most of the occasions he managed to beat the opposition to the ball, clearing the ball to the Tigers midfield.


There were lots of passing and control by Michael, George and Fin – who was able to break away, but the opposition just wouldn’t let him continue.  As the game continued we saw Ben G make several fantastic saves.  This followed with more great football by Michael, who played some good clearance shots over to George.  However towards the end of the first half the opposition scored again.


The second half saw Joey join the game and it appeared that Tigers had woken up.  Within minutes Fin and Josh C were able to break away and although they couldn’t do anything on the occasion – the determination was there.  The game moved towards our goal mouth – but Ben G made another fabulous save pushing the ball over the crossbar out of danger.  This followed with a long kick from Ben G, which was cleared by Josh W to Joey who burst down the pitch passing the opposition until he found Josh C, who had a shot on goal (unfortunately as it sailed into the net it was called off-side).


More pressure and clearance from Josh W to Joey again who along with Josh C and Fin pushed forward.  Joey seemed to be full of energy today as he controlled the ball well enough to have a shot on goal, but it was deflected away towards the feet of Josh W – but his shot was wide.


Tigers kept the pressure up with Josh C and Fin again pushing forward at every opportunity.  Finally from a Ben C kick, which found Josh C…..Josh C managed to loop the ball over the head of the Goal keeper and his outstretched hands to score.


Tigers continued to apply pressure with JR defending at full speed to get the ball and pass it back to Joey who  again pushed forward – but alas the final whistle went. There was no doubt there was a stronger performance in the second half.


Man of the Match - Joey for his determination and spirit to keep going

Mascot – Sam for his continued tackling and bravery to keep going to ensure the ball didn’t get pass him


Thanks today to Panther’s Manager Steve for stepping in at the last minute to referee the game.  Usual thanks to Linesman Steve and the supporters.


As always we send our wishes to McKenzie and Bobby.  Also to Joe who we hope did well today in his other sport!


Finally Happy Christmas to everyone and see you all in 2014.

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