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Sun 8th December 2013 - League
Sutton Coldfield Town Jun 1 V 5 Tigers
Pitch : Bishop Walsh School
Match Report

Tigers started well with some great passing between Michael and Josh W followed by pressure from Fin and Josh C. However Ben G was soon called on to make a great save.  Soon after, a Josh C header found Joe (our Captain for the day) who kept the opposition on their toes, clearing the ball to Fin, who broke away but unfortunately was crowded out.


After more good passing Michael raced clear but was brought down from behind. The free kick was taken by Ben C, but this was deflect away by the opposition.  Still Tigers kept up the pressure with Michael and Josh W passing between themselves, this was supported by Fin who passed to Josh C………and he scored! A great shot to the right of the goal keeper and just inside the post.


Soon the pressure mounted on our defence, however Sam had it covered well and managed to clear the ball away to Fin and Josh C, but the ball came back towards Ben G, who made a superb save.  More pressure came when Joe and JR were called upon - both lads made some great tackles, clearing the ball away.  Josh C then had a shot on goal but this was just pushed over the crossbar by Sutton’s goalkeeper.


George soon joined the game and was straight into the action with some great control of the ball, clearing it to Josh C.  With some fabulous control of the ball Josh C then struck the ball high over the head of the goalkeeper and into the roof of the net.


The game continued with the ball in the midfield area, but Sutton soon started to head for the danger area, which saw Ben G make a couple of more great saves.


More good passing took place between George, Finley and Michael went round a player and played the perfect pass for Josh C to calmly beat the goalkeeper and get his hat trick.  Josh C was even more determined to get another goal (encouraged from the side line by his dad’s words of wisdom ….” Just one more will do”).  However the opposition had realised Josh C was the one to watch and he was tackled off the ball.


The defence were soon under pressure and JR made some great tackles passing the ball to George, but the ball kept coming back towards Tigers goal.  Ben G made yet another couple of great saves supported by Ben C and JR.  With the ball still in play near the Tiger goal, Sam was there to keep the pressure up and he defended very well clearing the ball away just as the whistle went for half time.


The second half saw Tigers continue where they had left off with Josh C having a shot on goal.  Josh W made some solid tackling in midfield passing to Michael and then to Joey, which found Josh C but his shot on goal went wide.


The game quickly moved to the other end and Sam was there again to make sure the ball didn’t go any further.  Ben C also stopped the ball in its tracks.


The team continued to work well together with Josh W, Michael, George and JR passing between themselves, but the opposition soon were giving our defence a hard time.  Sam managed to tackle the ball away and passed to JR who cleared it away from danger.


Unfortunately though the ball was soon back in the danger area and after a lot of pressure from Sutton a goal was scored.


As the game moved on Ben G was soon called upon with his huge hands saving the ball going into the back of the net.  From this Josh W had a great back of the foot tackle and managed to put the ball towards goal – which found Josh C who had a shot on goal, but nothing could come of this.  This soon followed with George having a shot on goal, but this just went wide.


The game moved from one end to the next within minutes with JR, Joe and Ben C making sure the ball couldn’t get pass them.  After the ball had moved down the pitch and a scramble in the goal mouth – Joey’s feet found the ball and he scored the fourth goal.


More good football followed by Michael, Joey and Josh W then to JR and Joe who managed to get the ball back towards goal.  Then from a casual tap in….Josh C scored again. Josh had the ball on the right side of the goal and struck a shot high and true across the goal and into the far corner of the net.


Still Tigers kept going and Joey soon found himself on his own heading down the pitch towards goal but it ended up as a corner.  Then before you could blink the ball was back in the Tiger danger area, but Ben G had it covered.  Soon the ball was back at the other end, finding Fin with support from Josh W and Josh C.  Josh C had yet another shot on goal but this just skimmed pass the post.


Just before the final whistle Ben C defended well clearing the ball away which followed with a few headers from Josh W and Joe


Man of the Match….Josh C for overall great performance throughout the whole of the game

Mascot …..Joey who continued to cover nearly all the pitch with some good control of the ball.  Joe B had an exceptional game today (even when he took the full force of the ball in his face) and came very close to taking home the mascot


Thanks to Ty and Paul; and the parents for their continued support.  Thanks to Linesman Steve.


It was great to see McKenzie here today supporting the team and we wish him a speedy recovery.  Also to Bobby who we look forward to seeing back in the New Year.


Finally thank you to Louise for sorting the McDonalds food orders out on Friday.


And a final final thank you to Paul for organising the bowling on Friday

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