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Sun 1st December 2013 - League
Lichfield Round Table 1 V 1 Tigers
Pitch : T B C
Match Report

It appeared that Tigers went into this game very determined so show the opposition that they couldn’t expect a rerun of last week’s match again today.


However from the start Ben G was called upon to make a good save and the team soon were under a lot of pressure as the ball remained in the danger area.  JR (our captain for the day) and Joey made some great passes between them (continuing on from last week) with support from Josh C and Ben C who deflected the ball away from danger.  A chance fell to Fin who made off down the pitch, but was soon tackled by the opposition.  This followed with George, Josh C and Fin keeping up the pressure with some good passing skills and a header by Josh C (which hit a certain match reporter’s car!).


Within a space of a few minutes Ben G found himself saving three attempts on goal – no matter what Lichfield did they just couldn’t get the ball passed him and his super safe pair of hands.


Today saw Sam playing in defence on the left hand side which he did superbly – covering most of the pitch.  On more than one occasion he was running flat out from one end to the other, never afraid to make a tackle.  He cleared the ball away from danger, and  he was well supported by with Ben C – who continued to ensure he didn’t let the ball slip passed him.  The opposition kept up the pressure with Josh W making some good tackles in midfield clearing the ball to his team mates.


Towards the end of the first half a harsh decision was made – but in the end this didn’t benefit either team. The ref seemed to have given a penalty for handball. It was only after Lichfield had taken it by passing between to players and missing that he said he had given an indirect free kick in the box! Something for the Coach to work on in training!   The Tigers continued piling on the pressure with some great passing by Michael, Josh C, Josh W, Fin and Joey finally finding Sam who raced away with the ball, but he was soon tackled and then just before the half time whistle Lichfield scored. The Coach had set a target to keep a clean sheet up to half time and they were seconds away from doing so.


The second half started off with the danger in our goal area, but Joe, JR and Ben C had it covered – clearing the ball to Josh W who tackled the ball away to Michael.  Yet greater passing continued between Joey, Fin, Michael, JR and Joe.  Then within minutes of Josh C rejoining the game – he scored a goal (which has been a long time coming and his first for the season). Substitution of the season so far! It followed a throw in from Michael and then great pressure from Joe saw the ball fall to Josh C who under great pressure steered a great shot into the corner of the net,


By now Tigers determination increased and the level of the game seemed to step up.  Josh C, Josh W, Fin, Sam, Michael, Joe and JR played some fantastic passing between them.  With Fin having a chance to break away, but he soon found the opposition closing around him.


Ben C was called upon for one of his huge kicks towards goal – but it just wasn’t going in the back of the net today for him.


Ben G still had pressure on him with the ball hitting the crossbar and skimming the net – but on every occasion he had it all covered.


More great tackling and passing followed with Michael, Josh W, Sam and George clearing the ball to keep the pressure up on Lichfield, but no more goals would come.


Final score 1-1


Man of the Match – Sam for his determination, skill and fast pace around the pitch, playing in an unfamiliar position.

Mascot – Josh C, not just because he scored but for his determination and support during the match.

Thank you to all the parents for their support.  Thank you also goes to Simon for stepping in to run the line today.


We wish McKenzie and Bobby speedy recoveries.


Finally Happy Birthday to Fin, who played extremely well today (and if there was a second mascot he would have taken it home. He ran Lichfield ragged today and deserved a goal for all his effort).

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