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Sun 17th November 2013 - League
Burntwood Dragon Reds 0 V 3 Tigers
Pitch : TBC
Match Report

Although it was a gloomy morning, Tigers once again seemed up for a great match.  From the start the team showed good control of the ball and we were led from the front by our Captain for the match…Michael.


Early on the defence of McKenzie, Ben C and Joe were called upon. McKenzie was covering the ball well from many angles.  He managed to clear the ball away from danger on several occasions. For one of the clearances he found Josh C who chased the ball down the pitch.  Joe and Ben C played well together when the pressure mounted on our goal area.  Ben C remained solid in defence with Joe clearing the ball and even though he had done this he ensured the opposition couldn’t get the ball back towards our goal.


Soon the pressure was back on our goal and this saw Ben G come out of the goal, diving for the ball to ensure his hands were on it rather than the end of the oppositions foot.  Although he got whacked he was soon back on his feet – this was another fantastic save.


The game moved on and at one point became a game of headers with Josh C, Sam and the opposition heading the ball between them in the midfield area.  Finally the ball was back on the ground finding Fin’s feet who controlled the ball and had a shot on goal.  This followed by a corner from Michael which found Josh C, but his shot on goal just went wide.


There then followed a period of  more great passing and control followed and this saw Fin, Josh C, Sam and Michael cover the ball well from all angles.  Soon George joined the game and was straight into action, he tackled the ball away from the opposition passing to Joey who cleared the ball away down the pitch.


Burntwood continued to pile on the pressure which saw Ben G make another one of his great saves,  He was later helped by Joey and Joe who aimed the ball to Fin, but it was just too far for him to reach (even for his fast pace).  This was followed by George showing some good tackling footwork and get past the opposition. The ball found its way to the feet of Michael who in turn played a short square pass to Josh W who then shot from the edge of the area and it went under the goalkeeper’s hands and into the back of the net.


With a goal up this put the energy back into Tigers and Joey was soon having a solid shot on goal, but it just went wide…….but a few minutes later and just before half time, Joey collected a pass from Finley and this time it went in.


With two goals up Tigers couldn’t let their guard down as Burntwood were more determined to score, which meant Ben G had to make yet more great saves.  However from a Joey corner, in the Second half the ball found Josh W’s head (and with a little help from his shoulder)…..he scored his 2nd goal and the third for Tigers.


Still the opposition continued with the pressure but they just couldn’t get pass Ben C who remained a solid wall to them (even after a few attempts).  Finally Burntwood had an opportunity with a solid shot on goal which Ben G pushed onto the crossbar.  Ben G was called upon on a few more occasions to save the ball, but as usual he had them all covered.  Fin, Joey and JR managed to control the ball between them, which later followed on with Josh C and Sam pushing the ball forward.  However the game moved back to the danger area, with Joe defending well.  Josh C followed through with a superb sprint and then having a shot on goal, but it just wouldn’t go in for him.  Ben C then had a solid shot on goal, but the Burntwood goalkeeper had it covered.


The game picked up pace which saw McKenzie defend the ball away from danger to Joe who almost ran the length of the pitch, finding Josh C who passed to Joey, but his shot on goal skimmed passed.


Sam kept up the pressure and appeared to be in the way of the opposition all the time, determined as ever (even when he is shoved by the other team) he kept going.  From this Tigers had a corner which was taken by Joey and although the ball was going in the wrong direction for Tigers, Joe managed to push the ball forward.


Burntwood kept up the pressure right until the final whistle and they have to be credited for their performance and determination throughout the match.


Final score 0-3 to Tigers


Man of the Match went to Josh W for his continuous solid performance in midfield (and for not being afraid to run in and head the ball into goal) and the Mascot went to Ben G for his magnificent saves.


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