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Sun 10th November 2013 - League
Tigers 7 V 2 Hawkins Sports Junrs
Pitch : Shenstone
Match Report

Again the sun was shining at Shenstone for our first game in the newly formed LDRL Division 2.  Tigers looked eager and up for the match which today was led by Captain Fin.


From the first whistle it was an electric start from Tigers who went on the attack.  From a great cross from Michael the ball found Josh W’s head and from nowhere the first headed goal of the season was scored (and the first for Josh W who was playing in centre midfield for today’s game).


Tigers continued the attack and some great passing was seen between Fin, Sam and Ben C who had a huge kick, but was just wide of the goal mouth.  Still the pressure continued with Josh C skimming the ball just past the goal.


The game soon saw the defence put into action at the other end but Joe, McKenzie and Ben C had it covered with some good passing and clearance to Josh C and Fin.  However the off-side whistle was blown so they couldn’t pursue the ball any further.  Sam picked up the ball (not literally) and managed to pass to Josh C who again just skimmed the goal mouth.


Hawkins soon put the pressure on and managed to draw level with the score line.  This didn’t stop Tigers who continued to make some great passing which saw Josh W skirting passed a number of the opposition to find Michael.  However soon from nowhere a long kick was heading towards Ben G (with the parents on the side holding their breath) – he calmly and expertly reached up and pushed the ball over the crossbar – an absolutely fabulous save!


Again there was more great defending by Joe, McKenzie, Ben C and Josh W.  With McKenzie kicking a very long shot towards goal – but it just went wide.


As the game moved on Ben G had a solid kick towards the other end of the pitch finding Fin who managed to ‘tickle’ the ball over the line to grab Tigers 2nd goal.


Tigers yet again continued with the pressure and again Josh C hit the crossbar – just not his day today, but he never gave up as shortly afterwards he was heading the ball away from danger.  Which found Ben C and from a HUGE shot…..it went straight into the goal.  Brilliant!


Towards the end of the first half a second goal was scored by the opposition.  Tigers kept their heads up with Joey joining the game and continued to tackle and pressurise the other team, but this then saw McKenzie fly through the air from a tackle.  This meant Sam was called upon in defence and as usual he was straight on the ball, chasing it and managing to clear it away.


The second half saw George join the game and he and Joey were all over the opposition.  George chased the ball, making a great pass, finding Joey and then back to George who aimed for goal. 


Amazingly another goal was soon scored (although a little help from the other team) but Joey was there to ensure it went in.  So credit for the 4th goal goes to him.


Tigers were eager then to get more goals and soon Fin was in a place to be able to break away and score his 2nd goal of the match.


The game continued with Michael controlling the ball well.  Ben G was called upon a few times to make some more great saves, and each time he had it covered.


Fin soon was able to again break away and his shot on goal was deflected.  This followed by a corner from Michael which found Fin, but he was soon tackled.  Another long kick from Ben G found Fin and Michael but they couldn’t move forward with it as the opposition were not giving up and soon Ben G was called into action again.


The game then saw some fantastic passing by the team with Josh W, Joey, Fin and Michael who then found George – which saw the ball go over the heads of everyone (again the parents on the side lines held their breaths) straight into the goal……George’s first goal for Tigers.


Josh C soon rejoined the game and was even more determined to get on the score sheet, but no matter what he did the ball just wouldn’t go in for him.  He continued on though with some great passing to Joey and Sam who tackled the ball away from the opposition.


Although the action seemed to be at the front, the defence played really well with Joe, McKenzie and Ben C ensuring the ball was kept away from our goal mouth.  This saw Joe chasing the player and tackling or clearing the ball away.  Ben C was solid as ever and he managed on many occasions to stop the ball in its track. McKenzie at every opportunity had the ball covered.


At the other end and from nowhere another goal was scored this time by Sam making it 7 goals.


Still the opposition weren’t giving up and Josh W was soon clearing the ball away.  This soon followed by another shot on goal by Josh C……but no luck.


Towards the end of the game Joey made some great passing with Sam who headed the ball back to Joey.  More pressure was piled on from George, Josh C, Sam and Joey but no more goals would come.


Final score 7-2


This was a fantastic game with some absolutely brilliant team work.  As the match reporter I’ve tried not to be too pleased and biased towards Josh W’s headed goal but it was brilliant!  However Ben C’s HUGE kick and goal was also brilliant and both lads were recognised with this along with their solid performance throughout the game with Josh W taking home Man of the Match and Ben C the mascot.


Apart from the above all the lads played extremely well with some of them playing in different positions.  There were some fantastic goals, steely determination from others and great saves.  As Paul said every single player could have taken home the mascot / man of the match today.  Well done Tigers!!


Thanks to the parents for helping with the goal set ups etc and to Linesman Steve.


We wish Bobby and JR speedy recoveries.

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