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Sun 13th October 2013 - Cup
Tigers 0 V 4 Colron Rangers
Pitch : TBC
Match Report

In the pouring rain, with the long grass and the slippery conditions, Tigers knew this would be a tough game.  From the start the defence of Josh W, McKenzie and Joe B were called into action, clearing away the danger to Josh C (our Captain for the game), who along with Michael tried to push forward.  Unfortunately Colron soon scored.


From a throw in from Michael, Fin found the ball and chased it away with JR.  However Colron kept the pressure up only to find a goal.  There was nothing that Ben G could have done.


George and Ben C joined the game, which saw Ben C defend well clearing to Fin, who in turn found Josh C and Bobby.  Between them they were able to break away.  However danger was soon on Tigers and from a corner Ben C headed it away, finding George and Fin who chased it away.  Again Colron were soon piling on the pressure with McKenzie, Josh W and Ben C defending hard.  George challenged the other players and managed to clear the ball away.  After another clearance from the defence team, the ball found Josh C who made a great pass to Bobby, down the pitch – it was just a little too far for him to reach.


Sam soon ended up being sandwiched between two players, but as normal he just got straight back up and managed to tackle the ball off the opposition.  He also managed to head away a free kick.


Josh C, Bobby and Joey soon had the ball and were heading for goal, but they just couldn’t get past the Colron defence.


Soon at the other end JR was called into defend ensuring the ball was cleared away.


The 2nd half saw some great passing by Bobby, Fin and Sam with Fin just putting the ball wide of the net.  Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the opposition scored again.  In the last few minutes of the game Joe B was called upon to cover the ball from midfield.

The Man of the Match went to Ben G. He kept his concentration going right to the end of the game.  He had the goal covered from all angles to stop the ball going into the back of the net and there was just nothing he could have done about the ones that did. Tigers were unlucky not to get on the scoesheet on a few occasions.


The Mascot went to Sam – for his persistence and hard work covering a lot of the pitch and tackling the ball away from Colron.


Thanks to Linesman Steve and the parents on the sidelines for their continued support even in the pouring rain!


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