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Sun 8th December 2013 - League
Bullets 0 V 2 Cresswell Wanderers
Pitch : Braemar Rd Pitch 2
Match Report

Match Report – Sunday 8th December –Four Oaks Bullets vs Cresswell Wanderers


Following on from Aaron last week, we welcome Filip, who has joined the Bullets. Filip would be making his debut today and we wish him every success and hope he enjoys playing his football for the Bullets.

Whilst welcoming new players, we must also wish Ellis a speedy recovery from illness. Hopefully he will be back in the new year, as we have missed his energy and enthusiasm on the pitch.

Bullets arrived at Braemar Road and they seemed unfamiliar surroundings, unlike our opponents Cresswell. This was the third meeting between the two teams in the space of the last six matches, a heavy defeat, followed by a draw, meant Bullets were keen to progress and take the win this time.

Bullets kicked downhill in the first half and tried to take advantage of both the slope and wind. A free kick was awarded after two minutes, Henry stepped up and struck the shot. The keeper had no chance but the ball flew narrowly over. Henry was again in the action, when he was played in down the left, this time his shot was on target but the keeper held on.

A feature of last week’s match was the way the back three performed. They dominated their opponents on the narrow pitch but it was clear this week was going to be harder as the pitch was much wider and Cresswell were getting some success in wider areas. It was important that the wing backs tracked back as much as possible.

Cresswell’s first chance came following a break down their right, the ball came across the box but Elliot B was quickly out to pressure the shot, which went well wide. Chances were few and far between and both sides were guilty of giving the ball away too often. Bullets were not playing their usual style of football but as soon as they did, a great chance was created. Dan S popped up on the right, showed good touch and skill to ease away from the defender, he burst into the box and squared the ball back to Henry. Unfortunately Henry’s well struck first time shot was well saved by the keeper.

It looked like being a frustrating nil nil half for the Bullets, however it got worse as Cresswell struck just before half time. Bullets only had themselves to blame, as they had chances to clear the danger but no one wanted to put their foot through the ball and it eventually fell to a Cresswell player unmarked just inside the box. He had a lot to do but he struck a cracking shot which flew into the net, giving Elliot B no chance.

A goal down and uphill into the wind, in the second half, was not ideal but Bullets were certainly not out of the match and they were reminded at half time, that they were definitely still in the match and to go out and show what they could really do.

Disaster struck, as a second goal was conceded early in the second half, when Cresswell took the opportunity presented to them. An opportunist strike from a poor clearance, flew over Elliot B into the net. Bullets really had to stand up now, as Cresswell stepped up the pressure. Elliot B made a good blocking save, as Bullets were struggling to stem the tide. There were several changes to personnel made but as hard as the Bullets tried, it just wasn’t happening from a forward perspective.

The defence to be fair got their composure back and started to dominate again, subsequently keeping the Cresswell attacking attempts down to a minimum. When Cresswell did get beyond the defence, Elliot B was out bravely to collect the ball, taking a bang to his knee for his troubles. That was his last action of the match, as he had to leave the field. Fortunately for Bullets, they had a ready made replacement, as Luke took over between the posts.

The football from both sides was sporadic in the second half. Vish had come on the second half and showed some good touches, linking well with his forwards but even his best attempts could not produce the desired outcome of a goal.

It was a frustrating day for the Bullets, they stuck at it and never gave in but the extra quality needed was just not there today. Cresswell were the better team on the day and deserved their win. From the Bullets perspective it was difficult match to play in, the atmosphere on the pitch was not nice and it was difficult to watch and listen to at times. However their behaviour was exemplary, in the face of much provocation.

I have been watching kids football for several years and I must admit I was gob smacked by what was happening both on and off the pitch. If that’s what you have to do to win a game, then I want no part of it. The conduct of 12 and 13 year old kids was utterly deplorable. It would be unfair to tar all of the Cresswell players with the same brush but there was a good half a dozen involved. The FA watch word is Respect and we have a barrier which should be used by all. However, please don’t suggest that parents should not be standing on the pitch and a chair should not be on the touchline, but should perhaps be behind the respect barrier. Thanks for all the positive comments folks. I have been called a lot worse and I am big enough and ugly enough to take it but having kids swear at you and make abusive comments is a different matter. Questioning the referees every decision, calling him a cheat and generally having a bout of gobbykiditis. It was the same faces as last week and this was all topped off by one player in particular, who took it upon himself to push and strike one of our players, after the match. He tried to do it last week but was spotted before he could do so. I suggest you take up another sport if you want to do that son.

Ouch!!!! Sorry just fell off my moral high horse.

Just a quick mention for the referee, who had a cracking game and more than earned his match fee.

Sam won the managers man of the match award. Another strong display in defence is becoming the norm for Sam, as he grows into the position with each passing week.

Charlie won the parents player of the match. It was another hard working performance from Charlie, getting back and helping and defend, as well as trying to his best to supply his forwards with some quality passes.

Last match before the Christmas break next week.  A local derby against Four Oaks Saints Colts. Bragging rights for many in the playground. It is important in more ways than one for the Bullets to finish the year on a high note.  

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